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1.Q.: How do ultrasonic cleaners work?
A.: When the generator within the unit emits a high frequency signal, the transducers attached to the tank produce compression waves in the liquid, this is known as cavitation.
During cavitation the liquid is apart forming vacuum cavities or bubbles, as each cavity collapses it produces pressures of 20,000lbs/square inch at temperature of 5,000°C- but all on a microscopic scale. Millions of these bubbles are created and collapsed every second; the violence of this action is what produces the cleaning effect.

2.Q--How do I get the best result of ultrasonic cleaner?
A.: Ensure the component being cleaned is fully submerged in a suitable cleaning liquid and not touching the tank to allow maximum cavitations.
Check the cleaning solution is at the correct temperature.
We also recommend using deionised, dematerialized or distilled water, as calcium carbonate and other impurities in tap water can reduce the cleaning properties of the solutions and produce undesirable side effects such as lime scale deposits.

3.Q: What kind of parts not suitable for ultrasonic cleaning?
A.: Parts which are not water-proof or may be damaged in water like electronic products and textile products are not suitable for ultrasonic cleaning, such as some watches dial(watch band is ok for cleaning), mobile phone, clothes, tower, etc.

4.Q: Can I put my hand in the tank to remove items while ultrasonic is working?
A.: Avoid putting hands in the cleaning solution, particularly if the ultrasonic is in operation.
Not only do most cleaning solutions contain chemicals likely to cause skin imitation, but the action of ultrasonic energy in water can be harmful to human tissue.

5.Q: Why do I need to use a basket in my ultrasonic cleaner?
A.: Placing items directly in the tank causes them to come into contact with the transducers which are attached at the bottom of the unit. This will disrupt ultrasonic power and if the items are heavy can actually damage the electronics.

6.Q: Why is it important to set correct temperature?
A.: Heater will give better results to cleaning and also speed up the process, most solutions will need to be related to perform as designed. The optimum temperature setting for the unit should be industrial on the solution packaging.

7.Q: How often should I change the cleaning fluid in my tank?
A.: Changed whenever it becomes visibly too contaminated, or when the cleaning process is not as effective.